The Best Places to Dine in Finland

Finland has many attractions for tourists, but it’s food stands out the most. Every country has its own distinct flavors and tastes, and it would be an absolute loss if you went to visit Finland and did not try its world-famous cuisine. Following is a list of eateries that you must visit in order to get a taste of what Finland has to offer. These are the best restaurants and cafés in Finland.

ravintola-nokka1: Ravintola Nokka
Situated on Kanavaranta 7F, Helsinki, this restaurant is famous for its elegant setting and for its perfect portrayal of products made in Finland. Located in a building that was constructed in the 19th century, the chefs at Ravintola Nokka prepare food with only freshly produced greens and grass-fed game, that is freshly harvested to give you the most punch of a flavor. From mallard duck to assorted Finnish cheeses, Ravintola Nokka is a place you do not want to miss.

2: Chez Dominique
Located on Richardinkatu 4, Helsinki, Chez Dominique is one of the only two restaurants in all of Finland that has been awarded the prestigious Michelin star. Having been named Restaurant of the Year by local magazines and newspapers, this restaurant is one of the finest dining experiences Finland has to offer, serving cuisine inspired from France prepared from fresh Scandinavian product.

G_W_Sundmans_restaurant_IM8095_C3: G. W. Sundmans
This is the second of the two Michelin starred restaurants which exist in all of Finland, and this one too exists in the town of Helsinki, on Etelaranta 16. Of course, because it too is Michelin-starred, it comes at par in quality with Chez Dominique, but not in the same manner. Apart from the fact that the restaurant is situated in what used to be mansion (hence is highly elegant), the restaurant serves delicious elk sirloin, a dish which is native to Finland, and also French-inspired cuisines that are prepared with Scandinavian products.

4: Havis
Situated at Etelaranta 16, Helsinki, Havis takes full advantage of the Finnish coastline that is both beautiful to see and hosts delicious fish. Having set its foundations in 1973, this Finnish restaurant is best known for the amazing seafood being served here. It serves both saltwater and freshwater fish, the former caught on the Finnish coastline and the latter taken from the famous Finnish lakes. This is further enhanced with a  great dining atmosphere.

Palace Gourmet_01

5: Palace Gourmet
Located on Etelaranta 10, Helsinki, the Palace Gourmet might not be Michelin starred, but it does provide the best scenic beauty any restaurant in all of Helsinki has to offer. A gorgeous view of the Finnish harbor is what beholds the eyes of the dinner guests. The menu is a mixture of both Finnish and French cuisines, although the Finnish salmon being served is a local favorite. The most delectable pieces that the restaurant has to offer are the reindeer’s tongue and the fillet from the chef, both of which are famous as being the best in town. This is one place which should not be missed.