Pioneering Green Technology in Finland

With the challenge brought about by the degradation of the environment and climate change, Finland has taken a proactive step in searching for solutions to address the issue. Eco-friendly solutions have been developed by manufacturers who only want what’s best for this world.

One of the leaders in green technologies appears to be Finland, a small Nordic country with laboratories for environmental solutions. In 2010, the renewable energy sector in Finland grew by 5.6 percent with sales of $17.9 billion. The primary mover behind this phenomenon is the Cleantech Finland organization which brought together over 2,000 sustainable technology companies in Finland. Because of this collaboration, potential investors were pooled and thus, profits rose.

Cleantech Finland is managed by Finpro, which is a Finnish export association. It aims to provide solutions that are eco-friendly outside of Finland. With this, they brought together eco-conscious development agencies and manufacturers to help them with their project. Mainly, the vision of the organization is to provide eco-friendly services and products deemed essential to the modern society today. This is made possible through technological innovations that bring about the sustainable development that is needed to be promoted in order to keep up with the standards of living today without further harming the environment. Basically, Cleantech Finland provided the grounds for industrial and energy companies to be more responsible.

If you come to think of it, Finland is a small country but you will be amazed that their experience and innovation is highly demanded. They are not the biggest player in green technology nowadays, but they are definitely playing a valuable role with the knowledge they possess in green technology. Their struggle with climate change and scarcity of resources did not stop them from being one of the best and this is what makes them worthy of recognition.

As of the moment, Cleantech Finland has already been working with Britain but according to them, there is still much to do. As of now, their waste management projects are doing good and it is actually becoming one of the fastest-developing sectors. This collaboration with Britain has provided the Finnish more realms to explore, new challenges, and new opportunities. Most of the business they deal with in Britain are bioenergy, industrial processes, and renewable energy.

In case you do not know, all these fall under the Finnish expertise. This would be a really good avenue for the Finnish to hone their skills in green technology and it is a good thing that the British is very willing to improve their environmental situation. Meanwhile, they are also planning to branch out to other parts of Europe such as London. They believe that this move will further attract other investors for as long as they continue with their massive campaign which even involves the media.

It is said that Brazil has also signed an agreement with Finland recently regarding technological cooperation between the two. Both countries share the passion for offshore technology since Finland has been known for shipbuilding, drilling oil, and platform drilling.

Ultimately, Finland is one of the environment-friendly countries nowadays proactively seeking to make the world a better place despite the challenges brought about by uncontrolled forces such as climate change and many others.