Healthy Finnish Foods and Drinks

Food and drinks from Finland have been known in international markets, more specifically in the area of the Baltic Sea. It is believed that Finnish food and drinks have this trait of knowing what the consumers and customers need, not to mention that their products are delicious and very much convenient.


Through the years, consumers have grounded their desire to purchase Finnish produce for their products are of high quality and can really be trusted. What ensures quality is primarily the innovative development of their products through technology that is advanced and state of the art. Food safety is also ensured because there is careful scrutiny in the food processing chain and this guarantees the standards of food are met starting from the raw ingredients up to the final products. Also, the constructs of their corporate social responsibility campaigns are committed in taking good care of the environment and this in turn, ensures the sustainability of their products.

The food and drink industry in Finland is among the pioneer in the world. Examples of their innovations in the food and beverage industry are the tooth-friendly xylitol, cholesterol-controlling products, and lactic acid bacteria-laden food for a healthy gut. Finland has been known to be the oldest in industrial dietary food production in the world. With the advent of technology nowadays, food scientists and medical scientists have food new ways in feeding patients according to their dietary needs. Working alongside with them are the developers in the food industry that have been successful in producing delicious, safe, and nutritious dietary products. They also promote gluten free products, food which would not trigger allergies, food with reduced fat and salt content, milk-based products, weight control products, and lactose-free milk.

Naturally, food produced by the Finnish is health enhancing and should be considered to be a part of a healthy diet to boost the immune system. More examples of these are smart food such as rye bread, berry products, buckwheat products, rapeseed oil, oat products, and mushrooms.

plant-stenolMeanwhile, the Finnish are not left out when it comes to technological innovations in food as well. Substances proved to be beneficial have been commercialized and fused with food. These products typically aim to reduce the risk of vascular and heart diseases, promote the health of the digestive track, and even reduce the danger of dental caries. These products are guaranteed to be effective globally. Examples of these are the Benecol and Xylitol.

Finland was the first to develop the conversion of plant stanols into a fat form that is soluble. They called this the Benecol and was developed in margarines. Now, Benecol is used for other products as well. Meanwhile Finnish researchers also discovered the benefit of Xylitol in dental care. They have been proven to reduce dental caries and as a result, Xylitol gums have been produced and were recommended to be eaten every after regular meals. In Finland, it is typical that somebody chews a Xylitol gum after eating.

With all those information about Finnish food and drinks, who would not be convinced that they produce healthy high quality products?