Developers Behind Sims FreePlay, EA Maxis Mobile Studio Relocating to Helsinki, FInland

sims-freeplay-developed-ea-maxisMaxis is basically a subsidiary of the Electronic arts, more commonly known as EA. Maxis is one of the most famous game development label. Maxis is known widely for producing high quality games through its professional and talented programmers who produce high quality games.

Most of the Maxis games are Sims based. Maxis is gradually expanding to other countries, looking for talent to add in their teams. A highlight of this step can be seen by the Maxis studio in Helsinki. They have hired a lot of talented programmers in their Maxis Helsinki team. This Maxis studio is focusing mainly on The Sims, which is the specialty of the Maxis. They are still recruiting and making additions in their developer’s team.

EA Maxis opened its new mobile studio in Helsinki, Finland. The hiring process has already started over there. This Maxis store in Finland is focused mainly on producing The Sims franchise for mobile devices. The developers work hard to provide the best Sims experience for mobile devices. One of the areas they are focusing on is patching the Android and iOS apps from hackers who use The Sims Freeplay cheats.

As already mentioned, that as a label, Maxis focuses mainly on the mobile device experience. The general manager of Maxis seeks great talent in Finland. It is advent from his speech that he is hopeful for finding good talent in Finland. He sees Finland as a strong contributor to their mobile development projects.

The Sims franchise targets audiences on all platforms, but the team from Finland will focus on the task of producing some of the finest games and maintain The Sims’ tradition as the most creative game developer platform.

This Maxis Helsinki studio is led my Jami Laes, the Playfish VP of the global studios. Jami Laes joined the Electronics Arts Maxis studio under the General Manager Lucy Bradshaw.

The main purpose of opening this studio in Helsinki, Finland is to find and get benefited from the game developing potential in the country. As this studio is mainly focused on mobile games development, it is clear that EA is seeking some good potential from this region that is popular for its programming skills.

Just for the starters, the programmer of the world famous, Angry Birds is also from Finland. So, there is no doubt that the Maxis Helsinki studio will be among the world’s top mobile game developing arena. Get ready for the top gaming experience. Who knows what milestones this Maxis studio in Helsinki will achieve in the upcoming days?