Crossy Road – Worthy Title Contender Against Supercell

Crossy Road can be quite an addicting game even after numerous deaths. Most players would try and try just to beat their high scores. When finally, scores are beaten, there is a huge sense of triumph in the part of the player. Aside from the games simple rules, what makes Crossy Road interesting and popular? Well its pixelated appearance can immediately give a different feel of nostalgia.

Also, the wide range of characters allows you to have an unending adventure. You may unlock characters or simply buy them. These characters could range from ordinary, cute, to hilarious ones. Basically, characters are the same but they have their own distinct appearances and habits. Extra resources can be hacked for Crossy Road unlimited coins and the best site for that seems to be Crossy Road secrets.

Let’s move on to a more comprehensive review. For the artwork, Crossy Road’s style definitely gives a nostalgic feel. Since the game is based on the classic retro game Frogger that we all know, the game has a nostalgic feel. Also, the bright and colorful display of the game is very apt for the characters and people.

As for the music and sound effects, they seem very fitting and hilarious at the same time. Somehow, they go naturally with your jumps and this makes the experience very enjoyable. For the originality and story, there is really not much story and in terms of originality, it is pretty much of the same concept with Frogger. But overall, it is still a fun game to play.

Crossy Road’s general game play is very simple and does not require much thinking and that what’s make it appealing to young players out there. Similarly, adults can also enjoy playing the game when they just don’t feel like thinking and being adults. The game can be pretty much addicting and there could be a lot of times that your frustrations would lead to persistence. So go ahead, play this game and enjoy!