Analysis Behind Booming Mobile Game Industry in Finland

The Finnish Game industry that has grown from scratch to world’s largest gaming sector within a short span has been an inspiration for the world. The video games developed in the 80’s fast found space and conversion into the mobile apps over the recent years—keeping up momentum with the advent of technology.

As per the estimates of Neogames, the industry had a turnover of 900 million Euros in 2013. From Angry birds to Clash of Clans, the mobile gaming industry has led to a sensation around the world. In fact, the gaming sector has been Finland’s largest revenue generator.

A brief on the success propellers

The country had video game developers working since the 80s and the commercial games were first developed then. But the industry’s real boon was witnessed in 2009 with the launch of Angry Birds by Rovio in 2009.  The games attracted the world’s attention towards Finland in 2009 highlighting the industry’s huge potential.

The popularity of Rovio was followed by huge investments made by big developed countries in Finland’s gaming industry. Supercell was the second money-spinner launched by Finland in 2010.

In 2012, meanwhile, the Clash of Clans created a world record by making gross hits around the world. The game now named as Boom Beach continues to act as a big crowd-puller for the market players in Finland.

The reasons behind success

At present, a majority (about 80%) of industry players use mobiles as the gaming platform in Finland though the country has had a history of developing video games on other platforms like PC or console. Online games are another popular platform. However, less than 5% of the developers have inclination towards it while mobile gaming continues to dominate the industry.

The factors that have been the driving force for Finland’s ever rising success in the field of games include high-end technology, strategic planning and implementation, robust gaming culture, better cooperation among players and excellent knowledge of developers on mobile platforms.

While over 200 big game developing companies have marked their presence in the industry, the gaming culture has motivated several start-up companies to step in too, over the past decade.

Rovio: the consistent inspiration to Finnish Game sector

The company that has drawn huge success to the entire industry of gaming in Finland over the years has continued to augment and remain at the top. Based on latest reportings, it currently employs over 700 developers and has been credited for the development of Angry Birds—the most popular mobile game. In a boon to many gaming start-ups, the Finland government has been spending sincerely in their development. In 2013, the government made an investment of 5.3 million only on start-ups.

Finland’s Mobile Game Development Company Supercell

Supercell is one of the most popular mobile game development Company in Finland established in 2010. The company develops games for cell phones and up to date it has released three games Boom Beach, Hay Day and Clash of Clans. In 2016, Supercell is continuing its strong traditions of releasing smash hit mobile games with the launch of Clash Royale. The tower defense inspired game is one of the most popular mobile game on both on Android as well as on iOS. According to Clash Royale Tips, there are already tools like Clash Royale gem hack tool to help the players generate resources faster.

These games are freemium games and have been successful and generated revenue for the company in 2013. Supercell has been in the business for mobile game development for a long time and they know what most clients want. Today, gaming is one of the most famous entertainment worldwide this had made most companies to improve their services. The world of gaming has seen a lot of improvements. New technologies are being developed by Supercell mobile game development company.

Role of the Mobile App Development Company

The role of a game development company should not be undermined in mobile game development. Smartphone industry has changed the way the world of gaming industry functions and it has paved way for creative minds. In mobile technology gaming is something new. People have come up with different concepts concerning games and they want to apply it to mobile applications.

Due to this they prefer to hire a professional development company that is going to perform this. Sometimes it is a bit hard to select a company that can develop a good concept. Supercell Development Company develops mobile app depending on the needs of the customer. They develop various types of games on the same concept and let the customer select the one that they need.

The company has hired a team of experts who have experience in designing various mobile applications.

Supercell is The King of Execution in Mobile Gaming Apps

The company makes sure that your idea is going to come in the best way. Since the company is experienced enough in this industry, they will support you to promote the application. The cost of the work will depend on how complex the work is and the features that you are planning to incorporate. If you work with Supercell development Company you are going to get good quality work.

Since there are various types of games applications today, it is worth hiring a professional company this will help to achieve your goals. A lot of effort is being made to make sure that games appear realistic and providing entertainment to most users. There are numerous benefits when you invest in mobile game development. It is important that you be clear concerning your business needs and what you are planning to do. But you must first collect important information concerning your business.

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Mobile Game App Developer for Mobile Strike is Machine Zone

Machine zone has been successful with its game of war since 2013. Due to the continued series, this has made it the world’s best popular game in the billion mobile gaming market. However, Mobile Strike, the first machine zone to get a worldwide debut since launch of Game of War is now out.

This game requires you to fight against millions of players by allowing you form a base and train elite troops to fight against your opponent on the battle field. It is a free to play game available on Android and iOS platforms and very popular due to its advertising feature of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This game is a MMO strategy game that signifies the latest features a player would expect from the modern mobile strategy game such as troop management, extensive base-building, players alliances and the war between opposing players. Some of the unique key features that are believed to make Mobile Strike Hack very popular include;

Join an Alliance

This feature enables a player team up with other like- minded players giving a hand to help friends rise to the topmost of the games ladder.

Equipment crafting

The player is given the chance to use materials in the crates. They are converted into a variety of crafted weapons and armor that can now be equipped to the commander to enhance their stats.

Massive Base

The player is in a position to build and guard a number of structures to help bring him/her closer to the topmost of the games ranking boards.

In game Translator

The games international servers enables the players of all languages communicate in the world chat where the texts are translated into the language of your choice.

Customize your commander

Any player is given the chance to level up his commander and spend their talent points in fortifying their military or base to suit their play style.

Therefore, the Mobile Strike app is developed in a manner that incorporates many features to ensure that the player interact with other players for any assistance leading to much popularity in the world.

Developers Behind Sims FreePlay, EA Maxis Mobile Studio Relocating to Helsinki, FInland

sims-freeplay-developed-ea-maxisMaxis is basically a subsidiary of the Electronic arts, more commonly known as EA. Maxis is one of the most famous game development label. Maxis is known widely for producing high quality games through its professional and talented programmers who produce high quality games.

Most of the Maxis games are Sims based. Maxis is gradually expanding to other countries, looking for talent to add in their teams. A highlight of this step can be seen by the Maxis studio in Helsinki. They have hired a lot of talented programmers in their Maxis Helsinki team. This Maxis studio is focusing mainly on The Sims, which is the specialty of the Maxis. They are still recruiting and making additions in their developer’s team.

EA Maxis opened its new mobile studio in Helsinki, Finland. The hiring process has already started over there. This Maxis store in Finland is focused mainly on producing The Sims franchise for mobile devices. The developers work hard to provide the best Sims experience for mobile devices. One of the areas they are focusing on is patching the Android and iOS apps from hackers who use The Sims Freeplay cheats.

As already mentioned, that as a label, Maxis focuses mainly on the mobile device experience. The general manager of Maxis seeks great talent in Finland. It is advent from his speech that he is hopeful for finding good talent in Finland. He sees Finland as a strong contributor to their mobile development projects.

The Sims franchise targets audiences on all platforms, but the team from Finland will focus on the task of producing some of the finest games and maintain The Sims’ tradition as the most creative game developer platform.

This Maxis Helsinki studio is led my Jami Laes, the Playfish VP of the global studios. Jami Laes joined the Electronics Arts Maxis studio under the General Manager Lucy Bradshaw.

The main purpose of opening this studio in Helsinki, Finland is to find and get benefited from the game developing potential in the country. As this studio is mainly focused on mobile games development, it is clear that EA is seeking some good potential from this region that is popular for its programming skills.

Just for the starters, the programmer of the world famous, Angry Birds is also from Finland. So, there is no doubt that the Maxis Helsinki studio will be among the world’s top mobile game developing arena. Get ready for the top gaming experience. Who knows what milestones this Maxis studio in Helsinki will achieve in the upcoming days?

Crossy Road – Worthy Title Contender Against Supercell

Crossy Road can be quite an addicting game even after numerous deaths. Most players would try and try just to beat their high scores. When finally, scores are beaten, there is a huge sense of triumph in the part of the player. Aside from the games simple rules, what makes Crossy Road interesting and popular? Well its pixelated appearance can immediately give a different feel of nostalgia.

Also, the wide range of characters allows you to have an unending adventure. You may unlock characters or simply buy them. These characters could range from ordinary, cute, to hilarious ones. Basically, characters are the same but they have their own distinct appearances and habits. Extra resources can be hacked for Crossy Road unlimited coins and the best site for that seems to be Crossy Road secrets.

Let’s move on to a more comprehensive review. For the artwork, Crossy Road’s style definitely gives a nostalgic feel. Since the game is based on the classic retro game Frogger that we all know, the game has a nostalgic feel. Also, the bright and colorful display of the game is very apt for the characters and people.

As for the music and sound effects, they seem very fitting and hilarious at the same time. Somehow, they go naturally with your jumps and this makes the experience very enjoyable. For the originality and story, there is really not much story and in terms of originality, it is pretty much of the same concept with Frogger. But overall, it is still a fun game to play.

Crossy Road’s general game play is very simple and does not require much thinking and that what’s make it appealing to young players out there. Similarly, adults can also enjoy playing the game when they just don’t feel like thinking and being adults. The game can be pretty much addicting and there could be a lot of times that your frustrations would lead to persistence. So go ahead, play this game and enjoy!

Rovio Entertainment: Mobile Gaming Giant from Finland

Rovio Entertainment is probably best known for the famous Angry Birds franchise which has taken the world by storm. Here is a brief history of this Finnish company.

Early Days

In 2003 a company called Relude was formed in Espoo, Finland with the purpose of designing and developing mobile games. The business was the brainchild of three Finnish students, Niklas Hed, Jarno Väkeväinen, and Kim Dikert, who had met at the Helsinki University of Technology and had achieved success together at a mobile game development competition with their creation “King of the Cabbage World”. Continue reading

The Best Places to Dine in Finland

Finland has many attractions for tourists, but it’s food stands out the most. Every country has its own distinct flavors and tastes, and it would be an absolute loss if you went to visit Finland and did not try its world-famous cuisine. Following is a list of eateries that you must visit in order to get a taste of what Finland has to offer. These are the best restaurants and cafés in Finland. Continue reading

Doing Business in Finland

Finland is a Nordic country near Russia, Norway, and Sweden. It is home to forests, lakes, and many islands. Since 1995, it has been a member of the European Union and had been under a parliamentary republic. Just last 2002, it has adopted the Euro to be its official currency. Two languages are primarily spoken in Finland namely Finish and Swedish. The latter is the minority at 6%.

Being a modern welfare state, Finland is already highly developed when it comes to its services and infrastructure. Their welfare system is extensive which ranges from health, education, elderly care, children day care, libraries, rescue and fire, environmental, leisure, and industrial policy. The main products involve metal, wood, pulp, paper, and engineering products. Later on, they became they key providers of electronics.

busual1 (1) Continue reading